Information due to the cancelling of Sweden Rock 2020.

Runesson's Camping will not be open during 2-7 June 2020. For those of you who has booked a camping spot or a parking spot will be given the following options: 

  1. At the latest May 31 2020, rebook your camping spot or parking spot to the festival 2021 without any extra cost. Send your request for rebooking to the email adress runessons.camping@gmail.com

    Email name, booking number and specify that you want to rebook to next year. 

    We will confirm your request but we ask for your understanding that it can take some time. 

  2. At the latest May 31 2020 cancel your camping spot or parking spot. Send your request for cancelation to the email adress runessons.camping@gmail.com. The cancelation will be made against an administration fee. The administration fee will be as follows:
    - Camping spot: 10 % of the price
    - Parking spot: 150 SEK

    Email booking number and the bank account you want to receive the reimbursement to. In addition, write name, adress ande phone number. 

    We ask for your understanding that it may take some time before reimbursement will be received.

Note that you need to email your request regardless of which option you choose. The last day to rebook or cancel is May 31 2020.

Hope to see you next year! 


We have a field for car parking next to the available camp sites that could be used by residents of these or by visitors that live further away and drives to the festival. A common benefit for all visitors is that they have a short walk to the festival's main entrance.


Runesson's Camp is located close to the Sweden Rock area and has camp sites mainly for caravans, motor homes and buses. 

It is about 300 - 500 meters to the festival's main entrance, depending on where on the camp site you live. 

We open on Tuesday at 12 p.m. and is after that manned so it is possible to arrive at any time. Arrivals earlier than Tuesday at 12 p.m. is resolved by agreement.

Showers are available close to the camp and there is water flushed toilets and portable toilets in the camp area. In the camp area there are tents where it is possible to buy breakfast and cooked food. It is also possible to buy groceries and all sorts of stuff that a camper needs. 

- Close to the festival area, 300 - 500 meters to the main entrance. 
- 400 camp sites available.
- Opens on Tuesday at 12 p.m.
- Closes on Sunday at 3 p.m.
- Toilets (water flushed and portable)
- Water
- Barbecue sites.
- Food service. 
- Showers 200 meter away.
- Daily cleaning of the area.
- The camp has around the clock supervision (however, no security)

- Total fire restriction, barbecue only in assigned places.
- Generators are forbidden
- Awnings are not allowed. It is ok to use party tents (3*3 meters).
- Couches are not allowed.



GPS coordinates:
WGS84:Lat N 56̊ 6' 50   Lon E 14̊  40' 31
Decimal: N 56,1139   E14,5763 


Caravan + car or motor home: 2290 kr.
Longer caravans and motor homes, longer than 7,5 meters: 3290 kr.
Buses: Price after agreement.

Payed in advance after invoicing. 

Booking: Email name, address and phone number


Or call +4670-278 48 87 or +46733-90 87 64.

If you have any questions, send an email or call the number above. 

Current information Runesson´s Parking:


Current information Runesson’s Camping: